Friday, November 30, 2007

The November Super Post

Here goes a super post about all of the adventures we’ve been on for the past month.
First off, at the very beginning of November, we headed off to Provo to relive the glory days of college. We’re not sure if the biggest motivator was to see our family or to see a BYU football game. Pretty sure football always pulls rank. It was great to see campus, and to visit the people we love (that goes for both family and the football players).

Loving the fall colors on campus

The day after getting home, Beckett and I embarked on another fun filled adventure to Houston to visit our Whittle friends. Beckett loved little Adalyn and we hope she liked him too. It was fun to show Allison and Tyler what fun they soon have to look forward to when they have a little crawler. We had such a great time visiting them and hope to see them again soon.

Isn't she a doll!
The week after that we took a short break from traveling to hang out with dad and here are some random pictures from that. We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday and now Beckett can’t wait to turn one!

Then, just last week we flew to the true north strong and free for Beth and Brenan’s wedding. It was such a beautiful day and we loved every minute of being home.

Beckett bonding with Auntie P
Beth and Brenan and their wedding album
Beckett and cousin Adelynn. He was lovin on Addy.
An awesome picture of a sweet little girl
YAY for the Klains!
The 'Hall' Girls...or one Hall, one Roberts and one Klain...
The whole gang

We’re now home for a month before heading to Dallas for Fori and Elin’s wedding.

Phew…and that’s a wrap.