Sunday, February 17, 2008

blah about blogging

I can not figure out why I am so against blogging right now. But I dread getting on here to post. I am sorry and really am going to try hard to post more often. Just so you know, I really respond well to comments, so if you check our blog regularly and often find yourself disappointed, comment. Usually when I see about 10 comments, I vamp up for another post. Maybe that's being a bit too honest, but it's true. (Having said that...I hope this doesn't drive any of you away from our blog)
ANYWAY...our lives have been very exciting recently. Beckett celebrated his first birthday almost a month ago (see pictures below), last weekend we were in San Diego with some friends, and life is just great.
Beckett has been acting a little bit crazy/weird lately, I think it's a combo of just having his MMR shot and also I think he's teething. The past few weeks have made me really grateful for his sweet demeanor and fun personality. I admire any of you who have had tough babies.
Okay so on to pictures of the birthday party.
Once all of the birthday guests arrived, we ate yummy waffles and breakfast foods. Here's a picture of some of the yummy food we had.
Then we opened presents, and this is one of Beckett's favorite books. (He LOVES books)After we finished opening his gifts everyone clapped, and he got all excited and responded with clapping, which brought about another chorus of claps, and this went back and forth several times. (long enough for me to take about 20 pictures of him's just one).Then we had cake. It was a funfetti cake which wasn't as fun to see him smear all over himself. We're going to do chocolate next year.
Beckett has so many buddies here in LA. Here are a few of them.
Here, he and Beckham are racing to the top of the stairs. I LOVE to watch them interact together, they're such great friends.And lastly here is a picture of the sweet wheels Beckett received from none other than the Hunka D and Auntie P. A special thanks to AP and Jules for their efforts assembling it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

5:47 and sick as a dog...

So, I've been up since 3. yup...3 am. not feeling so hot. so i'm blogging to take my mind off it. Nathan just went to work and told me to try and go back to bed, but I can not handle tossing and turning any more. I might as well get something productive accomplished.
Here are some new fun pictures that I've taken of Beckett lately. The first 4 were blown up at his birthday party. I'll post pictures of that as soon as I get them uploaded. Maybe if I still can't sleep in an hour they'll be posted then.
Other than how I feel right now, life is good. Beckett is a big walker these days- it's fun to see him strut his stuff. He just had his 1 year immunizations, took it like a girl, and screamed bloody murder the whole time. His face got super red, and he looked at me like 'how dare you!'
Oh, and I just want all of Nathan's brothers who read this to look carefully at what Beckett's shirt says (and where it comes from).
Alright, blogging has worn me out. I'm headed back to bed.