Friday, November 07, 2008


Before Thanksgiving gets here, I should probably post about Halloween. We tried to get Beckett ready by bribing him to wear his hat for a couple of minutes each day the week before. Well, while I was concentrating on the hat, I didn't even think about trying the costume on before hand. Let's just say that 15 minutes before we headed to the ward trunk-or-treat, the outfit was looking a bit snug. He was SO mad at me. He wouldn't even walk around, I had to carry him for the majority of the night. I figured he was playing the part well, because as we all know pirates aren't the nicest people anyway. (at least he's cute)
We also tried to teach him how to Arrrrrr.... to complete the outfit. Alas, he didn't say it once on Halloween (cause he was so mad about the outfit) but several times since he's come out of his room with the hat on saying 'Arrrrr.....'

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It Passed!

Thanks to all who gave of time, effort and money to preserve this sacred institution.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A hard time...

I know, I know...two posts about this in the past few days. But I just want to put one last plug out there to everyone I know, either living in or outside the state of California. The last few months have been really difficult as we've moved toward election day, and for us here in California, the outcome of a very heated and controversial issue. This commercial sums up how hard it's been for us to face so much opposition and hate. If you think they are exaggerating how bad it's been, they are not. I have been called those names (and worse) and have seen the anger and rage coming from the other side. I pray every night for the hearts of people everywhere to be softened, to really search out this issue and the implications it will have on our lives. I pray for this state and this country, which I love.