Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Chunky Monkey

I just had to post these pictures to show you all how 'well nourished' this little guy is. I love him so much!


Well...I promised to post pictures of when the family was here. It was such a fun weekend, and I didn't want it to end. Beckett was so spoiled, being held almost every minute. It's a hard gig to keep up. Anyway, we had a great time together and I am so happy that everyone was able to meet Beckett. Tyler was so cute with Beckett. For those of you who haven't heard--he and Juliana are expecting their first at the end of August and he was so excited to have a baby to hold. He's going to be a great dad.
We had dinner with the whole family at Dan and Paula's and it was such a fun time to see everyone and enjoy our time all together. We couldn't have asked for better weather.
I loved to see Beth and Beckett together. I love my beautiful sister so much!
Nothing like seeing your daddy holding your baby. It was awesome. When he and Mom first showed up, he was so excited to see Beckett. His smile said it all...
Dillon was a little apprehensive about holding Beckett at first, but he did great! Also, to update you all, he just received his mission call this week. He will be serving in the Nirobe Kenya Mission. (can't spell that...sorry)
Michelle Thompson and Purple (aka Elizabeth). Peter and Michelle have been great friends to Nathan and I and we love spending time with them.
Finally-Grandma Hall. Beckett sure loves his Grandma. And I appreciate all of her time and energy helping me learn how to be a mom. It was great having her here twice.
So...there it is. Sorry about all the pictures. I love my family so much and it was wonderful to see them all and to spend a few days together.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Did you miss me?

The morning of the 29th (about 3:30am)

Is he asleep or awake?

"I'm hungry mom!"

Chilling on Dad's lap

Beckett is already so well mannered.

Finally I've got this whole mothering thing figured out well enough to find a few minutes to get back on this computer and let you know how I'm doing. It's been so long since I've published anything on here...Nathan has done a fabulous job of keeping everyone updated.
So...life is great! I love being a mom. It is the best job in the world. That may have something to do with the fact that I have a great baby who sleeps a lot and rarely fusses. He pretty much just sleeps and eats. But he is 'thriving'. His two week check up was on Wednesday and he now weighs in at 10Ibs 3oz, and is 23 inches long. He's in the 99th percentile for length.
My recovery has gone remarkably well...I remember sitting in the hospital the day after he was born thinking, 'man...how am I going to do this all by myself...I can't even get out of bed.' However, the body knows what it's doing, and a couple days after being home I was feeling like my normal self (with an extra few pounds added on). Every day gets better and we're getting into more of a routine as Beckett learns his nights from days.
It has been so great to have Rachell here. She is doing so well...has found two jobs and continues to amaze me with her independence. She is a very brave girl (she braved the student ward all by herself, walked around LA and found two jobs, and has made several friends already). She is also a great help to me. I appreciate all of her love and her support!
My whole family is in LA this weekend. Last night Tyler, Juliana, Beth and Dillon got here and Mom and Dad arrive tonight. I am so excited to have them here and I'll be sure to post some pictures of the weekend. I was so excited for them all to meet little Beckett, and right now I'm most excited to see my Daddy holding my baby.
Anyway, here are a few updated pictures for you all to see. I'm also including the one I took right before I delivered. This was the peak of my biggness...can you believe there is almost a 10 pounder in there!?!?!?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bath time for Beckett

We took pictures of Beckett getting a bath Saturday night. His umbilical cord still hasn't fallen off, so he can't be submerged. He handled it pretty well until we had to clean out the fat rolls.

After the bath, we dressed him in this suit and hat to get him warmed up. Lindsay thought he looked like a sherpa.

Beckett is definitely putting on weight. He was single-chinned when he was born, and now there's a second one coming on. His two-week checkup is Wednesday.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The First Week

The New and Improved Roberts Family

It's almost been a week since little Beckett arrived, and it has been fabulous. I've been sleeping quite well, thank you, though I can't speak for Lindsay or Grandma Hall. I did take care of the little fellow last night, and was only up for about 45 minutes besides feedings. We have to confess that, against the advice of the experts, we kept Beckett in bed with us. He slept a lot better this way, but the real reason was my own selfishness. I miss the little guy! I went back to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and it was miserable to leave him.
Lindsay is recovering well. She is a great mom and has handled all of the changes happily. It's been a blessing to have Grandma Hall and Rachell here, and we are grateful for their willingness to help. Grandma Hall has been the chief night-time caregiver, allowing Lindsay to recover more quickly.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some more Baby

I've been staring at this picture all day at work. Lindsay took it this morning.