Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A humongous post about some humongous trees

Nathan once heard that RVers are nice people. Since we think we're nice people, we figured it might be a good fit. We found some friends that are also very nice people and went on an RV road trip. Nathan and his mad driving skills took us to Seqouia National Park (about 5-6 hours north of LA). Seqouia is home to the largest tree (by mass) on earth, and you can also see the tallest tree. We camped there for the weekend, did some hiking, saw a bear, froze our butts off, lost some sleep, ate some smores, and found out that yes, RVers are, in fact, very nice people.
Enjoy the massive amount of pictures.
Easton is pretty excited about leaving in the big RV.
Leaving on our first hike.
The cute Aird family .Beckett was giving his daddy big squeezes.The big trees.

We went on a very treacherous hike up Morro Rock. Nathan was very brave! I'm so proud of you sweetie :)
In front of the biggest tree on earth...General Sherman.