Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shout Out: My Little Lacher

I've been moved. Moved to shout out to my little, and only, sister Rachell (who shall hereafter be referred to as Lacher). I've never shouted out to someone on this blog, or any blog for that matter, and I hope to not offend the many people in my life worthy of a shout-out who have not received one. But no one else worthy of a shout-out pays me rent every month, either, so I guess this is fair.

Young Lacher came to us a starry-eyed youngster, recently graduated from Rocky Mountain High School, home of the Grizzlies. You see, young Lacher was a simple country girl, some might say a cockeyed optimist, who got herself mixed up in the high-stakes game of of big city life. A tough way to start off, I know. And though it seems like she's been with us for an eternity ;) it has been a mere three months. In that three months, we've shared a lot of experiences, and food, with Lach, and we're going to miss her.

Lacher has actually been with us longer than Beckett has. She got here two days before Beckett was born and has been a big help with that transition (to Lindsay-- I've been at work). She was always willing to lend a hand, change a diaper, and even stayed up with him a few times.

We've done a lot together: floor seats at LA Clippers, many Lost and Office episodes, me rocking Lacher's world lawn-bowling at Roxbury Park, corn-on-the cob at Venice Beach (my treat), cruis'n the Miracle Mile, me rocking Lacher's world at Scrabble, watching Serendipity (I let her pick it out, obviously), Mulberry Street Pizza (my treat), dinner at Jack Sprat's (and ridiculously good tips for less-than-stellar waitressing), mini-road trip to San Diego (the greatest city in the world) and suffering through BYU's loss to the Aztecs, me rocking Lacher's world biking on the Santa Monica Strand, exploring the Hollywood Hills and the Boulevards, luxury box at the Dodgers game (my treat, indirectly), and short-lived diets (no treats here).

Notwithstading some difficult moments (multiple hair-dyes, trying to feed Beckett ice-cream at 2 weeks old, the super-glue incident of '07), it's been a great run. Lach, you're a special girl and the best little sister a big brother could ask for. You're beautiful, intelligent, and fun. I appreciate your good example, the idiosyncracies that are peculiar to only you (who in the world is scared of birds and flower petals for goodness sake?), and your desire to do what's right and improve in all aspects of your life. The big-bottomed line, and I think I speak for the three of us you'll be leaving here in LA when I say this, is that we love you, we're going to miss you, and we wish you the best as you move on to the next phase of what will certainly be a happy and wonderful life.

PS Don't forget April's rent.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ode to my family...

So, about a month and a half ago, Nathan's family came out to visit us and see Beckett. I meant to post pictures about their visit, but forgot to. So, better late than never. Here are some pictures of the fun trip we had together. It was great to see them and for everybody to get a 'Beckett' fix. It was so nice of them to make the trip out here and we appreciate all of their love!
Sweet Russell--such a great Uncle. He loved holding Beckett, and was a natural.
Me and Momma Miriam, in the back of the car, laughing our heads off at something. Not sure what. We all went down to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and walked around. We left Nathan Russell, and Grandpa Roberts with Beckett and they had a little manly bonding time.

We also went to the beach and practised our ballet moves. Jks...it was a fairly decent day, however the water was freezing. Here Papa Smurf is showing us his 'moves'-look at those toes...and that's sand under those feet-a tough move.

Monday, April 16, 2007

O Canada...

This past week, I had the opportunity to travel home to Canada for my best friend's wedding.

It was so much fun to be there for the wedding, and for a few extra days to spend with my mom and dad. Beckett had a great time getting to know his Grandma and Grandpa Hall a little bit better. Needless to say, we took a ton of pictures, so this is my attempt at showing all of you the best ones... (and some random ones of him smiling too, just cause they're so dang cute!)

As for a brief travel log, I flew out on Thursday (the 4th) and Beckett traveled like a champ. Slept the whole time. Beth, Dillon, Brennen and Steve all traveled up from Provo for the weekend, and it was wonderful to see all of them.

I love my Beth so much.

It was fun for them to get some extra ‘Beckett-time’.

On Friday I finished Scrapbooking Carrie’s wedding album, it took me longer than I thought it would to finish it, but eventually I got into town to see Carrie.

Her bridal shower was that night. There were a ton of people there, and we had such a good time.

Saturday-we had wedding festivities all day (note Beckett’s little outfit). Care put her nieces and nephews and Beckett in the same matching outfits. Cute!

On Sunday I went to church and chilled with mom and dad. Beckett loves his Grandpa Hall.

Monday, I hung out with some friends that I haven’t seen since high school. It was so fun—weird that some of us have kids now.

Tuesday, mom and I went shopping (Wal-mart rocks!)

and Wednesday I took Beckett in and got some professional pictures taken of him. It was so much fun!

On Thursday mom and dad took me back down to Great Falls where I flew out from. Again, Beckett did great and was a little trooper during our 9 hour trip back (3 hour drive to the airport, 1 hour sitting in that airport, 1 ½ hour flight to SLC, 1 ½ hour layover there, and then 2 hours back to LA.) It went way better than I’d imagined, and now I know that traveling with Beckett *can* be a breeze. It was a wonderful trip, and I’m so glad to have had some quality time with my mom and dad—just being at my house.

Also, I’m so happy for Carrie and Nick and was thrilled that I was able to be there for her. I love my Care-bear.

However, it was great to get back here to Nathan who was missing his little bug a ton (and Lacher who was missing her Blizzard buddies). Who wouldn't miss this little angel?