Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sorry that these pictures are just more of the same. I do have other exciting things to post about, but as for pictures, this is what you're going to get.
These pictures were taken while out on a walk around our neighborhood. Beckett was loving these stairs, although he kept running up to the front door and I was pretty sure I was going to face an awkward situation. Thankfully no one was home. He was being such a ham that day. Total cheese for every picture.
In other news, I am now just 7 weeks away from my due date, 6 away from baby coming if I'm inducible. It's gone by so fast, I can't believe I'm already to this point.
As I'm only 33 weeks along, we decided now would be the best time to move. (sarcasm noted). We are moving to a 3 bedroom just a few blocks away and I'm so excited about it. I will feel so much better prepared when I actually have a room to put the baby in. This past weekend I painted my apartment back to white (boring) while Nathan was on a youth camp-out, and now I'm just packing away. We don't move until the beginning of the month, but I'm just trying to do a little at a time, as not to overdo it. I don't want this baby to come quite yet.
We still don't have any names for the babe, and it's starting to be source of sleeplessness, so I'm going to ask for any suggestions...we've got nothing!
I'll post pictures of our new place when we get moved in, but if you don't hear from me before then, you know why...