Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving in Frannie

Oh gosh. I was so sick of getting on my blog and seeing that last post, I had to do something about it today.
We had such a great Thanksgiving in Frannie with Nathan's entire family. He took a week off of work, so we were there a total of 10 days. Besides a sick little boy, we had a great time. So good to see everyone and catch up.
We got some fun pictures of Miss Lydia and Beckett one of the first days we were home. They liked each other for the most part, and although Beckett didn't like sharing all the time, he tried to make up for it by giving all his germs to her right before we left. How nice of him.
Lydia is such a doll.
(Don't worry about downloading them Paula, I'm sending them all via CD this week.)Logan was teaching Lydia how to be a monkey.

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. There were 25 people total--and food left over. Here are some shots of the Roberts clan.And I just had to add this picture, because even though I took pictures of several teenage boys, this is the only 'see-food' picture I got. Thanks Papa.Frannie treated us well once again and we had a fabulous Thanksgiving with our family. Love you all.