Friday, March 30, 2007

A boring post

Sorry, there's just not too much new going on in our lives. Beckett has been sick these last couple of days...came down with a cold and cough, so it's been kinda tough. It's so sad to see him sick. But he's being a little trooper.
A few days a week I take pictures of Beckett to send to Nathan at the office. It makes it seem like he's more a part of our lives throughout the weekdays. So, I am going to post some pictures that I have taken of Beckett lately. Sorry, they're not great. Usually I just take them to show Nathan what Beckett is wearing for the day.
Here's Beckett on a 'cold' day last week. Bundled him up in this sweet little sweater and touque from Barneys New York that Nathan's company sent us.
And here he is sporting an awesome onesie that Logan and Paula sent us from their trip to NYC in December.
This is the sweet little face I woke up next to yesterday. He was so cute I couldn't help but take some pictures.
And here is the little bug right now. The third picture was his reaction to the bright flashes from the camera. Awake enough just to stretch, and then right back asleep.
Other than that, all is well. This next week will be a sad one, as I am headed home for my best friends wedding (that's not sad) but we have to leave Nathan here all by his lonesome for a whole week. We're going to miss daddy so much! But I am excited to be home and see my family and house. I also just found out yesterday that my sister Beth is going to come home for it as well, and just thinking about it makes me giddy. is great and we're all doing very well. Hopefully Beckett gets better soon. We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

25 random facts about beckett

1. He loves his swing

2. He is going for the ‘skirted eggshell look’ right now…because of which I often hear Rachell singing “Do you know the mullet man?” (to the tune of the muffin man song)…I reply with… “Do you know the homeless girl:..”

3. Having a dirty diaper doesn’t bother him very often

4. His favorite time of day is when daddy comes home

5. This is his cutest outfit. I got it from a friend who designs clothes for The Childrens Place

6. He loves bath time now…He’s just learning that kicking his legs results in lots of fun splashing, and a big mess for mom to clean up…Fun!

7. He only loves being naked when dad’s around… He just screams when I strip him down

8. He first smiled at his dad

9. At his 2 week check up he weighed 10 Lbs 3 oz and was 23 inches long

10. He has just learned to put himself to sleep. He ‘coos’ himself to sleep, which is really just a bunch of grunting… (takes after his father)

11. He loves to snuggle

12. He has many places to hide dirt…3 rolls on his neck, 5 rolls on each leg, a couple on each arm…but the best rolls are the wrist rolls…

13. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes comfortably already, and has grown out of most of his 0-3 month stuff. (He’s not even 2 months yet)

14. His most popular piece of clothing among the ladies are his little Champion shoes. (A special thanks to Ben and Ryanne for their great taste)

15. At his one month appointment he weighed 12 Lbs 4 oz and was 24 inches long (99th percentile for height and 90th percentile for weight)

16. He is the loudest eater ever…lots of grunting and sighing…

17. He can fall asleep anywhere, and in any position

18. He hates it when I put on his clothes

19. He loves having his feet massaged

20. He’s just learning how to stand up. If I hold him around the middle, he can stand up for a few seconds each time

21. Sometimes he’s not very photogenic

22. Sometimes his chin quivers involuntarily…doesn’t have a thing to do with his body temperature

23. He loves being in his car seat…get him in the car/stroller and he can’t help but fall asleep

24. My cousin Samantha thought that he was having a seizure one day because he doesn’t have very good motor control of his arms…he’s still trying to figure out that they’re connected to his body

25. Sometimes when having ‘tummy time’ he just face-plants into the blanket and thrashes his face back and forth while screaming…

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sweet Sweet Baby

On Saturday my friend Paige came over and took over 200 pictures of Beckett. It was so much fun to be creative with the photography, however, Beckett wasn't super cooperative, and about 90% of the pictures were of him crying. (Although, some of them were pretty dang cute.) He was a doll for a few minutes though, and we got a few good ones. The best are being saved for his birth announcement that I'm designing right now. If any of you don't think I have your address, please leave me a comment with it. I'll be sure to send you one.
Beckett is doing so well and continues to be our sweet little bug. (Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Little Bug...

I've had some requests for an update, so here are some random pictures that I've taken lately. I love my little bug. Usually the pictures I take are of him sleeping, cause he spends the majority of his time doing that, but the second picture is of him actually awake...just chillin in his little swing. He was being such a champ that day. I was working on a project that I'm doing for Carrie's wedding, and so I just sat him in that chair while I was working. He hung out there for a good 45 minutes, being so good until he finally fell asleep. What a sweetie.
Carrie and Nick came to town last weekend and we had a great time hanging out, getting to know Nick. He's a pretty hilarious guy. He and Nathan bonded instantly, and Carrie and I had an awesome time just being together. I miss her...she lives too far away. I'm so grateful that they made the effort to come here and see us. This picture is taken at Jack Sprats--where Rachell works.