Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All sorts of new-s

Okay, okay…I know I’ve continued to be a slacker. I feel like this thing has become my journal where I start every entry with “Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve written”. And then I follow that with “I promise to be better at writing…”

Life is so great right now! There are all sorts of new-s in our lives right now. That’s not news like in a newspaper, but ‘new’-s like new things going on. Beckett’s got a whole list of new-s and then we’ll get to the other things.
Beckett’s first, and most exciting new thing is his new tooth. I haven’t been able to get a picture of it, but it’s razor sharp and pretty dang cute. We were at a party on Saturday and I was talking to a friend. She was like “oh, Beckett’s getting a tooth” and I thought she was referring to the two puffy mounds on his upper gums (the two that will soon be coming in), so I commented on those two. Then she’s like, ‘well, what about that bottom one?’ I freaked out. I didn’t know about any bottom one. Anyway-I got pretty excited. Nathan thought I was going to cry, cause I got all red in the face, but anyone who knows me knows that’s just what happens when I get excited. So, no…I wasn’t going to cry, I was just very excited. (When this is the only thing you do, day-in day-out, it’s a big deal.) Anyway-he’s done very well with teething so far (as you can tell by the fact that we didn’t even know it was happening till it had).
The second new for Beckett is that he’s rolling around. As illustrated by the pictures below. He’s become very good at it. He goes from sitting, to face-planting forward where he sits for a minute, and finally flips over. He then gets frustrated being on his back, and so I help him up into the sitting position, where he starts through the entire process again. He’s a funny guy.

The next new is that he’s eating solids regularly now. And we’ve got the stink to prove it. He’s having big-boy #2’s now, and it’s really fun…especially yesterday when I left him with his diaper off (as I do every morning-to try and help him air out a little) and I came back to find a little surprise just for me!
So, those are some of Beckett’s new-s.
The other biggest news going on right now, are the mounds of babies being born all over the place.
Congratulations to Tyler and Juliana who had Baby Adalynn Elizabeth, and to Tyler and Allison who had Baby Adalyn Claudia. Also, our neighbors, Michael and Ashlee had Baby Emery last Friday and per Rachell’s request I have included pictures below. She had a c-section, but both baby and mommy are doing super. Emery is so tiny, it’s incredible. She’s awesome. I can’t wait to meet the other babies! Congrats to all of you.

In other news, we got a new bed, and it is fantastic. We are loving the ginormity of it. We got a California king, and since we still need the storage space, we kept it up on cinder blocks. Well, it’s a little humongous. But super comfy, and Beckett loves to sit on it while I sing, ‘you’re the king of the castle, and I’m the dirty rascal.” I'm currently in the process of re-doing our bedroom, so I'll post pictures of it when it's done.
He continues to be a constant source of love and joy. He’s such a happy baby…always full of smiles and giggles. I constantly find myself laughing at him. What a little man. I love him. Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about. I ordered these bows from a friend who just started a business making them (you should all check it out, and wanted to see how they looked on a baby. I’m really not a mean mom, but Beckett’s the only baby I’ve got at the minute, so I tried them on him. Poor little man was mad at me for making him look like a girl. Sorry buddy.

Nathan is also doing well and is super stoked for the game this Saturday. It’s all he talks about at the moment. We’ll be attending in spirit as we watch it on a friends 42” plasma. Good times.
Anyway- as I started this off as I do with my journals...I’ll finish it in the same way.
“I’ll write again soon…”

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sitting for Auntie P and Hunka D

Sorry (again) about the lack of blogging going on here. Nathan and I are house/cat sitting for my Aunt and Uncle for 10 days while they're in Hawaii. It has been a mini vacation for us as well, as they have a nice big house, with a yard, and grass, and a hammock, and everything. Good times. So, no pictures as of right now, but I'll get on it.
As for news about the little man. He is finally rolling over. Last night I checked on him and he was going one direction, and this morning I went in and he's going the opposite way. I love it. He babbles all the time, and is full of smiles and giggles for me. His favorite toy is a stuffed animal frog that croaks and he likes to chew on its eyes. He's eating solids, and so far his favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas. It's a fun stage, and I'm loving it.
I'll post again soon with pictures...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yes...she's engaged!!! I've gotten a lot of grief because I didn't inform everybody personally about Beth's engagement. So, here it is...

Lindsay Michelle Hall Roberts
is pleased to announce the engagement of her sister
Elizabeth Danielle Hall
Brenan Alan Klain
Brother of many other Klains
on Friday, November 23, 2007

There it everyone needs to stop giving me such a hard time about this.
No, seriously though...I am so excited for Beth and Brenan. They are honestly so great together...the perfect fit. And who would have thought that they'd find each other at the BYU? I am looking forward to having Brenan as a brother-in-law and am excited for the wedding.
These pictures are actually from the night they got engaged...Cute huh!?!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

You thought your post was long...

We have had such a wonderful past few weeks. On July 11, I flew to Canada to visit my family for 9 days. It was so much fun to hang with my mom and dad, and my sister, Beth and her new fiance, Brenan.
What a cutie!
Dad put this bib on Beckett's head and could not stop laughing, it was pretty funny...
Beckett's new trick...sitting up on his own.
Me and my boy
We had so much fun together, shopping, planning the wedding, making baby quilts, seeing old friends and just being together. Beckett loved having a yard to play in and the weather was beautiful. I love summers up there.
Beth and Brenan (we took a gazillion engagement pictures...I'll post more of them after I find out the one they're going to use...)
That next Friday, Beckett and I headed south where we met up with Ben and Ryanne and drove the rest of the way to Billings, MT to meet up with the freshly returned Elder Roberts. It was SO great to see him!
Dear, sweet Uncle Forrest
Nathan flew in later than night, and we got to spend a few days in Frannie with the crew. It was a blast.
Grandpa Roberts and Beckett just chillin
Hot biker their 'stretchy pants'.
We headed out to Nathan's maternal family reunion, and Beckett handled the 11 hour drive relatively well. He only had a few moments.
Nathan and Beckett on the road
The family reunion was in Grand Forks, ND and when we arrived it was HOT and HUMID. Like, really bad. However, my prayers were answered and it cooled off while we were there. It was so much fun. Beckett slept great, (in a room with 6 women) and he was happy pretty much the whole time. It was fun to see and get re-acquainted with Miriam's family.
All the boys...and Rachell
The sinks were too small in the cabins, so we bathed Beckett in the kitchen sink. He loved it!
Ben and Ryanne are thrilled that they are about to drive 30+ hours...
I know it's not the clearest picture, but I love Forrest!
Our Cabin
The whole Roberts clan...together at last