Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gone Sailing . . .

This Saturday we went sailing with our good friend Rob Aird and his dad, Richard, who was in town for the weekend. Rob arranged a charter trip on an authentic wooden yacht, the "Amethyst", captained by Capt. Mack (

We spent three hours sailing up the coast from Marina del Rey to Malibu and then back. One of the highlights of the trip was the dolphins:

They were swimming right next to the boat for quite a while and came right below us:

We had such a good time. However, sailing can be exhausting, and Captain Beckett didn't last.

Later that night, we attended a trunk-or-treat hosted by the three wards that meet in our building. Beckett went as a chicken, costume courtesy of Grandma Roberts.

Beckett had a good time hanging out with the other animals. Here he is with Beckham Smith (skunk) and Easton Aird (turtle).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Every time I get onto my blog I realize how long it's been since the last post, yet, I don't do anything about it. This is only due to the fact that I've had absolutely nothing to post about. But today I've had it. I'm so sick of seeing the same thing every time I get on our page, so here's me doing something about it. I'm sorry for all of you who were feeling that same way each time you checked to see something new.
I just downloaded some pictures, and am currently realizing that we have been doing some fun things lately. Hmm....what can I tell you about?
My crafts:
Craft #1: I have been learning more about graphic design and just did Emery's baby announcement. Here's a picture of the sweet girl. (btw...I'm not a professional photographer). Oh and the second picture would have been cute if it was clearer and she didn't have spit up running down her face...
Craft #2: I redid our bedroom. However, I can't post pictures of it quite yet, cause it's not totally and completely finished. Stay tuned for pictures soon.
Craft #3: I've been sewing some fun things, but again, not finished so I can't tell you/show you
In other news:
We went out to dinner the other night with the Eavs and had a great time. Here are some pictures of our night out. (This first picture is Beckett's crazed lunatic look...)General Conference was great to watch, however it was a little bit different this time around watching it with the kiddos. Arleigh celebrated her 2nd birthday with a really fun party last week. Here are a couple pictures of the birthday girl.Hanging with Hunka D, Auntie P and the girls. Aunt Paula has done a fantastic job of playing the 'feed Beckett anything and everything and get lots of smiles' roll. Here's Aunt Paula, Beckett and a cream puff. And here's just a sweet picture of my boys. Notice how much hair Beckett has.Well that's all for now. Pretty exciting stuff. . .

Friday, October 05, 2007

For Benji and Rypie

This post is mainly for Ben and Ryanne. . . really it's just a bunch of random pictures I've taken lately.
Boys and their toys. Beckett's toy bear is appropriate. Nathan with his head set and controller in hand...appropriate? I'm not even going to tell you what day of the week this was.Beckett is getting so big. . . he doesn't even look like a baby to me anymore. What a little man.
TOOFERS! This is the real reason I needed to post. I've been telling you all about these teeth he has, but no one believes me. . . cause I haven't posted the proof. He has four. Two on top, two on the bottom. Recently he's learned what a reaction he gets from people when he shows them off. Usually the smile is a bit more crooked then the one shown here. Normally he lines up the top right tooth with the bottom left and gives it his all. I get an array of reactions from people.
Still lovin' the bath.