Thursday, October 23, 2008

A busy month

Life has been so busy since the start of October! Some of our greatest friends, Carrie and Nick, flew in on the 7th and were here for a week and a half. It was so much fun to be with them. We went to the beach, to dinner, to the park, to Wicked (girls night), played Rockband, and just hung out. I treated them being here as if I was the one on vacation, so it was really relaxing for me too. They helped me out with Beckett, and that's always such a treat. Thanks to Nick for staying home during Beckett's naps so Carrie and I could get so much done.
The Beach
The ParkWicked!
Does anybody notice anything different about me?Carrie and Nick being Beckett's buddies
Rockin' Rockband
Thanks for being such great friends. We love you!
A couple of days after they left, Nathan and I decided to make the trip to Saint George, UT where he biked the Tour de Saint George. He totally rocked it! He had been going back and forth, trying to decide between the 30 miler or the 65 miler, and finally challenged himself to the 65. Let me also add that he hadn't trained for this. Most days he rides to and from work (approx. 6 miles). All I have to say is that he wasn't even sore the next day. He had such a good ride, and it was so refreshing from the craziness of LA roads and traffic. I'm so proud of him and what a machine he is :)
Ben and Ryanne also competed in the race and also totally rocked it, and it was fun to hang out with them. Beth and Brennan drove down from Provo and that was a fun little reunion as well. I called Beth the morning that we left to tell her where we'd be, and she immediately said, 'we'll be there'. We're so glad you guys came to see us!Aren't they so cute in all their gear?
And that's pretty much the whole of it. We're now just getting ready for Halloween and I just got Beckett's costume yesterday. Be excited for pictures. Want a hint as to what he'll be?
'Arrrrr me matey'...
Be Excited.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proposition 8

Here in California we are all facing a constitutional issue that will be voted on November 4th. It is something I've thought long and hard about, something I have studied and researched, and something that I feel very strongly about. Proposition 8 is an issue that will come to affect not only citizens in California, but eventually will have an affect of each of us who live in the United States of America. I have taken an active role in working to inform voters about the issue, and how, most importantly, this will affect our children and their future. I know what a sensitive issue this is, and how it has been portrayed from both sides. I would encourage each who land on this blog to look into the issue (even if it just means taking 4 mintues to watch this video) and realize what same-sex marriage means for you and your family.