Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Eeek...I can't even contain my excitement at the arrival of my newest niece.

Miss Evalyn Elizabeth Klain.

photo courtesy of

She made her debut early last Saturday morning. I've only seen her sweet little face over miles and miles of wire connections, but she is beautiful and elegant (how can a newborn baby be elegant? One glance at her and you'd know.) I am dying to meet and squeeze her.
She is perfection...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addendum to previous post...

Possible explanations for the random picture in that last post from Nathan?

(not sure if the lack of comments/questioning stemmed from the inability to conclude any parallels between that image and our life, or just shear confusion.)

Possibility #1. Our first sighting of the Australian mammal.

Possibility #2. A simple reminder to you all that we're still here. In Australia.

Possibility #3. A recent lesson on how kangaroo offspring are toted around in a pouch.

Possibility #4. Nathan just brought one home as a pet for the boys.

Possibility #5. That one of us might be looking like said kangaroo before too long.

Any guesses?


Yes, indeed #3 is on the way and we are so so excited! I am due mid-October and am just through my first trimester. I felt more sick this time, but still think it's a boy. I figure that way I am not disappointed when I find out it is a boy, and if it turns out to be a girl, it will be a delightful surprise. Beckett has been praying for a baby sister.
(probably so I stop trying on all of the girl accessories I buy on him) :)

Oh and I had to include this picture, so you can get an accurate idea of what the babe will look like if it is a girl.


I went in yesterday for my first doctors appointment and giggled through the whole ultrasound like it was my first experience with it. It just became a reality for me as I saw the little bean wiggle around, feet crossed at the ankles, hands waving around. It's pretty awesome.

Yay for babies! Can't wait to meet this little one.

Monday, April 11, 2011