Sunday, August 23, 2009


Big B. Little Eckett. 30 Months Old.

-He's learning so rapidly. His vocabulary is pretty extensive for a 2 1/2 year old. (Just now, "Can I blow raspberries on Wil?"...and his pronunciation of raspberries was pretty close).
- Still loves cars, especially his orange Lamborghini.
-He'll lay on his side (pretty much anywhere) and drive his cars around for lengthy amounts of time.
-Insists that he's a big boy. If I ever accidentally say anything about him being little he quickly corrects me.
-Every morning he asks me, 'where Daddy go?' and when I tell him work he responds, 'boo.'
-Currently trying to potty train.
-Loves Baby Wil. Or as he calls him 'Yittle Wil'.
-Loves to pillow fight with dad every night before bed.
-He's really sweaty.
-Loves candy or 'reats' as he calls them.
-Is petrified of 'ambaids' (aka. bandaids).
-He's still really shy and takes a while to warm up to people.
-Asks a million questions a day...'Mommy what's that?' and I tell him ___. Then it's, 'Mommy what that ___do? Repeated at least 5x per object.
-Loves to roar which sounds like 'war'.
-Is amazingly obedient for a 2 1/2 year old...he'll let me brush his teeth.
-He's just learning the art of stalling (before going to bed).
-He's very cautious...he still can't walk up or down stairs very fast.
-Loves being in his crib (playing with his cars)...not sure when the upgrade to a big boy bed will happen.
-He's hilarious. I wish I could remember all the funny things he says.
-Still loves books and would let me read him 20 books each night if I had time.
-Currently not that into TV or watching movies.
-When he's lazy and wants me to get something for him he'll tell me that he can't because it's too 'scary'.
-He loves playing pretend. It's so fun to see his imagination grow.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


-Such a good baby.
-Has long eyelashes like his dad.
-If wrapped/rocked correctly he falls asleep in less than a minute.
-So smiley...but you have to work for the ones he gives.
-Such a grunter and has been since day 1. I've put him to bed and he's just grunted himself to sleep.
-Such a good eater-which is why...
-He's grown out of several 3-6 month outfits. I put him in a 9 month sleeper last night...and it fit!
-Loves the swing.
-Looks identical to Beckett did at 3 months. (I'm going to show you in a future post).
-Is in the 86th percentile for height and 94th for weight.
-He's pretty much bald (way less of a mullet than B had).
-Has on dimple on his right cheek. I only see it every once in a while.
-He's really loud like his mom. When he gets squawking...
-Loves bath time.
-Blows out of 80% of his diapers.
-He loves it when I kiss on him and let my hair tickle his face. He gets all flustered and giddy.
-Spits up ALL THE TIME. Just like Brother Beckett. Oh the joys.
-Does not love the bottle.
-Just found his tongue and plays with it in his mouth...thus we go through 20+ bibs a day.

I feel so blessed to have these two little boys in my life. Before meeting Wil I had convinced myself that he would not be a good baby...because I couldn't imagine being blessed with 2! They are amazing little men and I love them so much.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where are we?

I feel like we've been on a roller coaster ride the past couple of months. In June we were in Cedar City for a week (see last post), in July we went to Utah for a baby blessing and my mom came back to LA with us for a weeklong visit right after. Then we were home in LA for a couple of weeks before heading off to Nathan's parents house for a week, and now I've been in Canada at my parent's place for almost 3 weeks. I figured if I was going to make the effort to come home this summer, fly with both boys by myself, and spend the cash to get us all here, I was going to make it worth my effort. So, our month-long vacation is almost at it's end and thus the delay in my blogging. (Yeah right...I post so often otherwise :) ) However, this trip has been so rejuvenating and blogging more frequently is on my list of things to improve on when I get home. I love how easy it is while on vacation to commit to augmenting my efforts in all aspects of life after the vacation is over. But this time I'm serious! :)
So I figured while I'm still here, I'd post a few pics from our second summer vacation...the Utah trip for the 4th of July (and to attend baby McKay's blessing). 
We watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the BYU campus and it was amazing. What's better than a pic-nic and free fireworks on the 4th?

And my cute little brother was just home from his mission in was SO great to see him!

We utilized the pool at the hotel and it was fun to see how different Addy and Beckett are. He cowered at the side of the pool, while she flung herself at Tyler. B clung to Nathan's neck while Addy seemed ready to swim laps. What a funny little pair.

An example of the clinging 

And sweet little McKay on his special blessing day. Both Brenan and Beth's entire families attended. So fun to see the Klain family!

Here are the three grandchildren all born within two months of one another. McKenzie, McKay and Wil (should we have gone with McGregor?) 
And just a quick shout-out to the world's greatest Sho-sho (swahili for Grandma). She is such an amazing woman. 
Since we haven't all been together for over 2 years, we got family pictures and Katie and Dan at peekaboophotography did a fantastic job. I can't believe how big our family is!