Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No time

I was going to spend some time today playing catch up, but right as I got on here I heard a little boy who's supposed to be asleep for at least another hour. So this is all you'll get for today.
At the beginning of the year, Beckett finally graduated from the mini tub. He has loved his 'big boy' baths. Here are some pictures to demonstrate.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I hate the garbage truck.

I would have titled this blog 'I hate the garbage man' but that may have sounded a little harsh. So, here's my beef. EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, (and maybe even Thursday's too) I awake to a monstrous revving engine, followed by lots of clashing and banging, loud beeps (backing up) and then, the whole process repeats itself at least 3 times. Sometimes more. However, today the garbage man was having a hay day. He was in that back alley dumping dumpsters 3 different times. What is going on? Does this man have nothing better to do with his day then come to our alley, and our garbage can 3 times in 1 day?!?! Oh, and it's not just that he's loud and annoying, but he comes at the exact WRONG time of day. I swear he knows when my child is sleeping. Today I was coming home from a jog, and I saw him emptying the cans (which was his 2nd offense of the day) and I almost, almost went and asked him if he could only come once a day maybe twice in a week. Or maybe if he could come by later on in the day so he doesn't WAKE my SLEEPING BABY. Oh no...I HEAR HIM RIGHT NOW! This makes 4 for today. I can hear his massive clashing sounds and his huge engine ripping around out there. He is going down.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! We have had such a fun and exciting month. We celebrate Beckett's first Christmas quietly, with dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson on Christmas Eve. Beckett loved being at their house and exploring their stairs, chairs and coffee table. We opened presents on Christmas morning, and Beckett enjoyed the boxes and wrapping paper. He got uber-spoiled by his Grandparents. Lucky duck. Nathan and I both enjoyed our Christmas morning, and Nathan surprised me with a new Canon Rebel XTi SLR camera. I had absolutely NO idea that it had been sitting under our Christmas tree for a month. I love it, and subsequently have taken over 600 pictures. That's one reason there are so many pictures in this post. This is Nathan and Beckett being excited about my camera.
We went to Dan and Paula's for Christmas dinner and Beckett again racked in the presents. It was such a wonderful day, and we're so blessed to have our California family here to celebrate with.Beckett playing with some bubble bath
Lovin' on Auntie P
The day after Christmas (aka. Boxing Day for you Canadians) we packed up and left at 8:30pm on a flight to Dallas. We traveled ALL night, and got to our hotel at 4:00am central time. Beckett did really well, but didn't sleep an ounce until we got OFF the plane. What a guy. We spent two fantabulous days in Dallas with Nathan's family, and one highlight was meeting Miss Lydia Roberts. Beckett had fun trying to poke her in the eye (as evidenced in this picture). We finished the trip off with a wedding. Forrest and Elin got married on Saturday, December 29th. It was a beautiful wedding, they both looked amazing, and are so happy and perfect together. We love Elin and are so excited that she's part of our family.Sunday morning brought a whole other adventure with our trip back, but fortunately Beckett slept on the trip home. He was pretty tuckered out. It was nice to be back and for Beckett to be on a schedule again.New Years was quiet as well, and we celebrated with a fondue pot and a game of Settlers, (which we were so involved in that we missed welcoming in the new year by an hour). We were hard core and stayed up till 1:00 am. That's right, baby.
Nathan went back to work this morning...bummer...but it makes for a shorter week. We hope all of you had a great holiday celebration.
This is what Sam and Jules call 'the Dillon face'
And ONE last picture of my sweet little man