Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ollie Baby

Sweet Ollie bear is 18 months and since we totally forgot his first birthday (moving countries and being sick will do that) we celebrated his half birthday with some friends last weekend. 

At 18months he:
-runs around like a crazy man
-tries desperately to keep up with his brothers
-loves swimming--he's mastered his water wings
-runs into the elevator and stands with his back in the corner, hands behind his back
- kicks his feet happily when I put him down for a nap
-loves eating grapes and oatmeal
-can say 'dada' and 'hi'
-nods yes whenever he's asked anything
-only snuggles when he's tired
-gets into everything
-pushes his food off his tray when he's finished eating
-stares at people blankly when they try and interact with him
-always has a smile for daddy
-loves the binkie
-usually sleeps 13+ hours a night

We love Olliepop!

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Mormon Mama said...

And we love OlliePop too!