Friday, May 03, 2013


I finally finished our 'headboard' photo collage. Assembling this was like a gigantic puzzle game. Lots of trial and error. The worst part of the process was one night a photo fell off the wall and hit Nathan in the face. He wasn't too happy about that one. Oops. Sorry hunny. I spent the next day reinforcing.

Beckett's ever the crafter--we made a pirate ship equipped with 3 sails and portholes. Just in case it ever found itself in a battle.

And one last one of my sweet babe, who's not really a babe anymore.



Carrie said...

Your photo wall looks amazing! I love seeing these glimpses into your life, though it does make me miss you more! I hope all is well :) love Care

Mormon Mama said...

Fun post. Guns of sticks and armies of chips. Boys will be boys.

Juliana Hall said...

Your photos are so beautiful!